What to Put on Your Resume for Top Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Looking for a new job or want to change your career and enter a totally different field? Then you would need a top-notch resume to make sure you get noticed by top recruitment agency in Dubai who might just have the right position for your skills.

When writing our resume, there are certain things you can remember in order to have a better resume by the time you submit it. Recruiters only spend about seven seconds on your resume and they can already know if you are qualified for their short list. If you already have your resume and want to go ahead and submit to a reliable and established recruitment agency, then visit JCA Associates – Recruitment Agency in Dubai and try applying for some of their top positions available.

Start from Your Previous Work or Current Position

When writing your resume, there are some people who write their work history starting from when they graduated from college. Big mistake. Why? Nobody really puts a lot of value on your first job, or what you did in your school newspaper. Start with your most current job or position because that is what you will be judged on.

If you are a fresh graduate, write where you had your internship because top recruitment agency in Dubai will then base your skills and trainability on what you have accomplished and learned during your internship, which of course tells us the importance of having a good internship at a reputable company, by the way!

Know if you need to include a picture

There are many cultures that may not want your picture on your resume. That’s because they do not want to judge you base on your looks. In general, a formal resume does not have to have your picture—definitely not a selfie one you took! So keep your resume clean and formal by not adding any picture anymore.

Write a profile of yourself

You cannot rely on your old-style resume to do the talking for you. What you need to do to get noticed by top recruitment companies in Dubai is to start your resume with a short profile write up or summary of your skills, strengths, and accomplishments throughout your years of working so that you can be noticed at once even if the recruiters do not go through your entire resume.

At the top part, include your latest position and them proceed with enumerating your top skills especially those that maybe relevant to the position you are trying to get. For example, if you are applying as a graphic designer, don’t forget to write the different design software you know how to use and other expertise you might have such as doing some simple 3D animation aside from your actual graphic design skills.

Next time you apply or send your resume or if you want to deposit it to Inspire Selection – Recruitment Agency, make sure you have an updated version of it and organize the content so that it is easier for the recruiters to get a glance of who you are.