Visiting a Chiropractic Clinic in Dubai

One of the many specializations you can look into if you are suffering from body aches and pains is chiropractic care. There are already some chiropractic clinic in Dubai and the treatment is slowly gaining popularity among locals because of the successful healing it is able to provide patients. Some of these patients have gone to many hospitals to find a cure for their body aches but have failed to find one until they actually tried chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic Dubai treatment involves treatments without the use of drugs or manufactured medicine. Mainly, the sessions with a chiropractor is about an hour or so with simple exercises and massages and the chiropractor will also make adjustments on the spine or neck of the patient.


In general, chiropractic care is aimed at improving normal body movements and function. This is done through combined physical exercises, manual therapy, and education—that is giving advice to the patient how to help themselves speed up their recovery.

Finding Your Chiropractor in Dubai

Where can you find the best chiropractor in Dubai? You can start at your nearby hospital. Some hospitals have chiropractors who attend to patients and all you have to do is set an appointment for your sessions.

But, if you would like to find out some more about your chiropractor, going to you primary care physician is also a good idea. Your doctor may know very experienced chiropractors who they can recommend to you for your treatment.

When you are done with your research, the next thing to do is call your chiropractor and try to ask a few questions on the phone or you can also visit for an initial checkup just to know more about the process. Ask general questions, and learn more about the clinic and the chiropractor.

Another important thing to consider is a clinic that is close or nearby your home or work place. This is because depending on your condition, you may require to go the clinic for several treatments until you are fully recovered. Also, feeling relaxed and comfortable when you are at the clinic will also held cultivate a positive atmosphere that will then contribute to the overall healing process.

About Your Medical History

You as the patient need to know more about your chiropractor but the chiropractor also needs to know more about you particularly your medical history.

You may need to answer some questions related to your family history on diseases. The clinic may also ask you about your daily activities, past medical conditions and your diet to make sure the are not going to do anything that may conflict with your current state of health.

The chiropractor may also ask you to talk about your present work and describe what are some of the physical labor you do. It’s important that they find out what activities you have been doing that may have affected your physical condition and then they can detect the proper chiropractic adjustments to do.