Guide to Crossfit for Beginners

If you have friends who love to workout, you might have heard them talking about Crossfit and they might have been looking for Dubai Crossfit Gym that is close to their area of work or residence. Here are some Crossfit facts that can help you answer their questions and yours if you are interested in doing Crossfit as well in the future.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a sport of fitness and it basically has high-intensity and functional exercises that both men and women, young and old can do and adjust depending on their specific fitness levels and fitness goals. The exercises are usually hardcore and designed to develop muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, but many people also use Crossfit as a simple exercise routine to improve their daily life and health and not actually to compete for Dubai Crossfit event.

Who is it for?

Crossfit has several basic movements that anyone can do. In fact, the entire Crossfit program is very scaleable that young kids can also do Crossit and adults who are training for sports of competition can actually scale the movements up to build strength or improve their overall fitness or competitive edge. There are other big benefits that come from doing Crossfit especially if you are the type of person who is looking for:

Support and community – that’s because Crossfit is a group sport or workout routine so you are with a lot of people when you do it and you instantly become used to doing the exercises with the same people most of the time, which then makes you familiar with them and make friends with them. The group becomes a support and community of health fanatics and people who are invigorated with the accomplishment of completing a challenging fitness workout.

Beginners to Weight Training – if you are also someone looking to enter the highly competitive world of weight training, then doing some Crossfit exercises if the best for you. You will learn the basic movements of Crossfit, which are also the fundamentals of some of the necessary lifting moves you also need to learn to be successful in weigh training. Also, you get to learn the basics of Crossfit and weight training in a very supportive environment of fitness buffs as well so you won’t be judged or laughed at when you do a mistake at the gym.

Daily exercises that are not boring – if you are someone who easily gets bored by running on a treadmill or doing exercises using gym machines, then Crossfit may just be the right solution for you. That’s because the entire Crossfit session is fast-paced, the movements change every few seconds and you also need to keep up with people who are doing the Crossfit class with you. You can have a better way and a more entertaining way of exercising that can engage your interest and make it easier for you to continue with the sport and keeping fit.

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Here’s a video of one of the basic Crossfit movements: