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How to Find the Right Yoga Abu Dhabi Studio

Want to start and try out yoga but don’t know where to begin? Well, first, you need to find the best yoga Abu Dhabi studio in your area and then compare them to see which one suits you and your daily situation. Here are some of the criteria you should use when comparing yoga studios:

  1. Location

You do not want to enroll in a yoga studio that is 2 hours away from your home for obvious reasons that you are defeating the purpose of yoga, which is to help you get relaxed. Commuting for long hours only will add stress to your daily life and you won’t be able to feel the benefits of your yoga Abu Dhabi classes if you just get so tired after a class and still need to commute far to get home.

When choosing a yoga studio, find one that is nearby your home, maybe about 15-30minutes if you commute, maximum of 40 minutes if you really can’t find one that is close to your home. Another option is to look for one near your work place or office or a place which you frequent. That way if you need to go to work or class, you can always squeeze in a yoga session at your chosen yoga studio and not worry about the time it will take for you to get back to your office or school.


  1. Price

We all know that getting into gyms have a membership or at least a per session payment. So this should be one of your concerns when comparing studios for your yoga Abu Dhabi lessons because you don’t want to spend a fortune trying to get fit. Most studios have monthly memberships which can actually help you save more money compared to just doing a one-time or per session payment. You can also ask the studio if they have current promos and if you can have a discount if you bring in a friend and start yoga at their studio. Make sure to follow the social media pages of your prospective yoga studios so you can see if they have new promos and learn more about their classes.


  1. The Instructor

Aside from the location and the membership or lesson fees, you should also consider the instructor in that studio. Fortunately, you can read more about yoga instructors now through their business pages or the website of the yoga studio. You can check their yoga training background and any other credentials they have for being a teacher of yoga. Some may also have credentials for fitness training as a coach so that could be an added bonus if you join the class of that instructor who has a wider background and knowledge when it comes to fitness.

These are just some of the important things you need to compare when looking for a yoga studio. Remember to call the studio up or pay a visit to see the actual building or gym they have where the classes will be held.

What to Put on Your Resume for Top Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Looking for a new job or want to change your career and enter a totally different field? Then you would need a top-notch resume to make sure you get noticed by top recruitment agency in Dubai who might just have the right position for your skills.

When writing our resume, there are certain things you can remember in order to have a better resume by the time you submit it. Recruiters only spend about seven seconds on your resume and they can already know if you are qualified for their short list. If you already have your resume and want to go ahead and submit to a reliable and established recruitment agency, then visit JCA Associates – Recruitment Agency in Dubai and try applying for some of their top positions available.

Start from Your Previous Work or Current Position

When writing your resume, there are some people who write their work history starting from when they graduated from college. Big mistake. Why? Nobody really puts a lot of value on your first job, or what you did in your school newspaper. Start with your most current job or position because that is what you will be judged on.

If you are a fresh graduate, write where you had your internship because top recruitment agency in Dubai will then base your skills and trainability on what you have accomplished and learned during your internship, which of course tells us the importance of having a good internship at a reputable company, by the way!

Know if you need to include a picture

There are many cultures that may not want your picture on your resume. That’s because they do not want to judge you base on your looks. In general, a formal resume does not have to have your picture—definitely not a selfie one you took! So keep your resume clean and formal by not adding any picture anymore.

Write a profile of yourself

You cannot rely on your old-style resume to do the talking for you. What you need to do to get noticed by top recruitment companies in Dubai is to start your resume with a short profile write up or summary of your skills, strengths, and accomplishments throughout your years of working so that you can be noticed at once even if the recruiters do not go through your entire resume.

At the top part, include your latest position and them proceed with enumerating your top skills especially those that maybe relevant to the position you are trying to get. For example, if you are applying as a graphic designer, don’t forget to write the different design software you know how to use and other expertise you might have such as doing some simple 3D animation aside from your actual graphic design skills.

Next time you apply or send your resume or if you want to deposit it to JCA Associates – Recruitment Agency, make sure you have an updated version of it and organize the content so that it is easier for the recruiters to get a glance of who you are.

Guide to Crossfit for Beginners

If you have friends who love to workout, you might have heard them talking about Crossfit and they might have been looking for Dubai Crossfit Gym that is close to their area of work or residence. Here are some Crossfit facts that can help you answer their questions and yours if you are interested in doing Crossfit as well in the future.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a sport of fitness and it basically has high-intensity and functional exercises that both men and women, young and old can do and adjust depending on their specific fitness levels and fitness goals. The exercises are usually hardcore and designed to develop muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, but many people also use Crossfit as a simple exercise routine to improve their daily life and health and not actually to compete for Dubai Crossfit event.

Who is it for?

Crossfit has several basic movements that anyone can do. In fact, the entire Crossfit program is very scaleable that young kids can also do Crossit and adults who are training for sports of competition can actually scale the movements up to build strength or improve their overall fitness or competitive edge. There are other big benefits that come from doing Crossfit especially if you are the type of person who is looking for:

Support and community – that’s because Crossfit is a group sport or workout routine so you are with a lot of people when you do it and you instantly become used to doing the exercises with the same people most of the time, which then makes you familiar with them and make friends with them. The group becomes a support and community of health fanatics and people who are invigorated with the accomplishment of completing a challenging fitness workout.

Beginners to Weight Training – if you are also someone looking to enter the highly competitive world of weight training, then doing some Crossfit exercises if the best for you. You will learn the basic movements of Crossfit, which are also the fundamentals of some of the necessary lifting moves you also need to learn to be successful in weigh training. Also, you get to learn the basics of Crossfit and weight training in a very supportive environment of fitness buffs as well so you won’t be judged or laughed at when you do a mistake at the gym.

Daily exercises that are not boring – if you are someone who easily gets bored by running on a treadmill or doing exercises using gym machines, then Crossfit may just be the right solution for you. That’s because the entire Crossfit session is fast-paced, the movements change every few seconds and you also need to keep up with people who are doing the Crossfit class with you. You can have a better way and a more entertaining way of exercising that can engage your interest and make it easier for you to continue with the sport and keeping fit.

Thinking about Crossfit now? Don’t forget to contact your Dubai Crossfit box soon!

Here’s a video of one of the basic Crossfit movements:


Baby Toys Dubai Buying Guide

Wondering how to buy the right kind of toys for your baby? Many adults don’t have a clue and just end up buying the toys that are most colorful, the most affordable, or the cutest looking. But when it comes to toys for babies, there is more than meets the eye. What may look cute to us can actually be dangerous or useless to the baby in terms of giving him or her some real learning benefits while playing.

Know More About Your Baby

So the first important thing you have to think about when buying baby toys Dubai is to stop and think about what your baby wants. Of course your baby will be too young to tell you that but when you go to most baby shops Dubai stores, you will see that they have sections that are grouped based on the age of the kid. Then you have to observe what types of toys are found in each section. For example, if your kid is just a few months old to a toddler, then he or she will be on this stage where they use their eyes and ears more when playing. This is also the time that their other senses are developing like sense of touch. So when buying baby toys Dubai, go for toys that have more interesting texture that are safe to be chewed on since your baby will also have a tendency to not only touch and smell but also chew on his or her toys.

Choose Safe Toys

Aside from buying toys that are meant to stimulate the senses of your baby, you should also always ask your baby shops Dubai personnel if the toy you are about to buy is safe. There are more than 200, 000 toy-related injuries for kids a year and most of these are for babies or kids under 4 years old. So how do you make sure you are buying safe toys from your baby shops Dubai? Well, the simplest way is to look at the age-appropriateness of the toy.

Age-appropriate toys are always on the packaging of the toy. They may come are stickers or labels and will inform you if the toy is suitable for your kid’s age for the age of the kid you are buying it for. Another safety tip is to read if the toy is a choking hazard. Usually these types of toys are balls, marbles, Lego pieces and the like so if you are not yet sure your kid is able to handle tiny parts and is always chewing on things, then better stay away from these types of toys.

Finally, when it comes to toy safety, you should also do your part at home. That means making sure you have an area where it is for playing only and that is where you keep all the toys inside. You also have to have a box or container where you put all the toys back so there are no toys lying on the floor that could cause an accident.

Watch this clip now for more info: