Baby Toys Dubai Buying Guide

Wondering how to buy the right kind of toys for your baby? Many adults don’t have a clue and just end up buying the toys that are most colorful, the most affordable, or the cutest looking. But when it comes to toys for babies, there is more than meets the eye. What may look cute to us can actually be dangerous or useless to the baby in terms of giving him or her some real learning benefits while playing.

Know More About Your Baby

So the first important thing you have to think about when buying baby toys Dubai is to stop and think about what your baby wants. Of course your baby will be too young to tell you that but when you go to most baby shops Dubai stores, you will see that they have sections that are grouped based on the age of the kid. Then you have to observe what types of toys are found in each section. For example, if your kid is just a few months old to a toddler, then he or she will be on this stage where they use their eyes and ears more when playing. This is also the time that their other senses are developing like sense of touch. So when buying baby toys Dubai, go for toys that have more interesting texture that are safe to be chewed on since your baby will also have a tendency to not only touch and smell but also chew on his or her toys.

Choose Safe Toys

Aside from buying toys that are meant to stimulate the senses of your baby, you should also always ask your baby shops Dubai personnel if the toy you are about to buy is safe. There are more than 200, 000 toy-related injuries for kids a year and most of these are for babies or kids under 4 years old. So how do you make sure you are buying safe toys from your baby shops Dubai? Well, the simplest way is to look at the age-appropriateness of the toy.

Age-appropriate toys are always on the packaging of the toy. They may come are stickers or labels and will inform you if the toy is suitable for your kid’s age for the age of the kid you are buying it for. Another safety tip is to read if the toy is a choking hazard. Usually these types of toys are balls, marbles, Lego pieces and the like so if you are not yet sure your kid is able to handle tiny parts and is always chewing on things, then better stay away from these types of toys.

Finally, when it comes to toy safety, you should also do your part at home. That means making sure you have an area where it is for playing only and that is where you keep all the toys inside. You also have to have a box or container where you put all the toys back so there are no toys lying on the floor that could cause an accident.

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